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Agensip UI UX Agency
Agensip UI UX Agency


We are an agency focused on UI & UX design for application. We design website, mobile, desktop, & visual branding. Have a project? email us at hi@agensip.com

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  1. Vresto Tablet App android detail tablet uidesign booking order management food app restaurant food mobile portfolio app orange screen dashboard ux ui ipad clean
  2. Mobile Exploration - Task Management App android mobile design search uxdesign screen ios portfolio schedule uidesign mobile task management task app clean ux ui app
  3. Mobile Exploration - Travel App locations service tour app mobile design uidesing oranges uidesign portfolio exploration mobile app detail travel app orange clean ios uiux ui mobile travel
  4. Corona Covid-19 Help Center ui screen portfolio mobilemap app mobile mapping map location ios healthapp direction covid-19 covid19 coronavirus coronaapp corona clean card android
  5. BWF Mobile App Dashboard match dashboad red sport badminton app design branding uiux mobile ios android app design ux ui
  6. Train Ticketing App - Dark Version travel train subway book ticket dashboad web design branding app design mobile ios android app design clean ux ui
  7. Illustrative Icon Agensip Class vector ui colorful ui design ui ux ux design icon design icon 2d character drawing adobe illustrator illustration design
  8. Landing Page - Ford Family Law landing homepage landing page blue design agensip profiles family law firm law firm card clean website design uxdesign uidesign portfolio testimonial blog webdesign landingpage website
  9. Agency Dashboard Tablet App performance monitoring kpi earning teamwork portfolio mobile app ux design ui design agensip stats ipad agency management card dashboard mobile clean flat app
  10. Store Explorer App android dashboard portfolio ux ui mobile icons levels history profile rank leaderboard uiux store card app clean mobile app
  11. Exploration - Train Ticketing App Light Version white transportation subway booking ticket train branding app design clean mobile ios android app design ux ui
  12. Customer Relation Management(CRM) - Web App Exploration dark mode graph customer sales dashboard ui ipad desktop web analytic management dashboard layout clean app icon dribbble ux dailyui uiux ui
  13. Audio Book Player App Exploration listening reader text player book audio portfolio screen detail search android ios card dashboard clean mobile app ux design ui design aveef agensip
  14. Bicycle Bike Rental Mobile App Exploration view list portfolio road rental app bicycle bike screen detail search android ios card dashboard clean mobile app ux design ui design aveef agensip
  15. Screen Compliation of Store Explorer Mobile App rating icons search card menu home explore store map dashboard ux clean flat app ui mobile
  16. ShipShape Landing Page retail blue smart home illustration app design branding responsive mobile clean app design ux ui landing page
  17. Web Illustration for Agensip Class flat illustration drawing ux design vector web illustration user inteface ui adobe illustrator 2d character art illustration design
  18. Store Explorer App apple rating design app figma mobile blue store app explorer clean uiux mobile design rate ux ui design mobile app ui
  19. Store Explorer App explore ux blue ios feedback mobile ui mobile design design maps detail mobile app design store app explorer ratings clean mobile app mobile uiux uidesign ui
  20. Landing Page - SetYourGoal one page features sign up blue website uidesign clean hero web ux comingsoon firstshot debut uiux ui landing page ui landing page design subscription subscribe landingpage
  21. Anybuys - Personal Buyer Assistance page detail android clean thumbnail dashboard ios product sell buy app abroad assistance buyer personal mobile design ui design ux ui
  22. Doctor Auto - Mobile App Exploration chart progress task schedule automotive booking appointment clean app iphonex icon dribbble flatui ux dailyui uiux ui
  23. Dicson Website desktop design career homepage ux design desktop clean flat website ui
  24. Aviation Website aviation airline airport desktop design design desktop clean ux website ui
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